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Our History

The history of Logan Clay Products has been built on two overriding values: quality and stability. Since 1950, the day-to-day management of the company has been the responsibility of one family dedicated to making Logan Clay the quality and innovation leader in the manufacture of clay sewer pipe, wall coping, flue lining and chimney tops. Logan Clay has consistently been an industry leader in implementing manufacturing innovations that have improved the quality of their clay products-and set the standards for all other manufacturers.

1876 The beginnings of clay manufacturing at the current Logan Clay site.
1920 Fire destroys the original plant.
1921 Plant is re-built on the original site.
1939 Barton A. Holl joins the company as a salesperson

Logan Clay Products Company established.

Barton Andrew Holl becomes president of the company. His vision for Logan Clay Products guided the growth of the company throughout the rest of the century. The Holl family remains active in the management of the company to this day.

1957 All kilns converted from coal fired to natural gas. Better production controls lead to stronger pipe bodies and allow Logan Clay to stop glazing pipe products.
1958 Logan Clay builds a manufacturing facility that includes a 360-foot tunnel kiln. Pipe moves through the kiln on rail cars as temperature rises gradually (to remove impurities in the clay and shale) from 300°F to 1550°F. Then the pipe is heated rapidly to 2000°F to achieve vitrification.
1970 - 1972 Transition to the Logan Clay "O" Ring compression joint system.
1979 Barton S. Holl named Chairman of the Board, a position he still holds today. His brother, Richard H. "Dick" Holl, promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer.
1981 State of the art manufacturing equipment added for large pipe (12" - 24" i.d.) production
1987 Tunnel kiln computerized.
1989 Manufacture of flue liners moved to Logan, Ohio plant.
1991 Addition of 6,000 gallon polyester resin tank, with a computer-controlled mixing system, allowing for more controlled mixing of resins and silica sands for O-ring joint production.
2001 Operational philosophy changed to demand-based production.
2005 Richard H. Brandt succeeds Dick Holl as President and Chief Executive Officer of Logan Clay.

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"Forty percent of our system is clay...We televised these lines based on the original risk equation, which indicated that due to age, these should be our areas of most significant risk. But they haven't degraded at all over time. Based on the way these pipes look they could easily last 200, 300 or 400 years."

Terry Martin, P.E.
Strategic Advisor to the
Corporate Asset Management Group
Seattle, Washington















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