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Channel Pipe
  • Gutters
  • Drains
  • Collection Channels
  • Feed Troughs
  • Air Supply Channels (in filter beds of treatment plants)
  • Encasing Metal Pipe in Power Plants
  • Chute Liners
  • Encasing Steam Lines

Channel pipe is made by scoring pipe lengthwise so it can be separated into halves on-site. To separate the halves, use a wide mason’s chisel and hammer in the kerf. Tap one to two times at the bottom, middle and top of each side or until the halves separate.

Packaging and weight are the same as straight sections of pipe.

Channel Pipe
Size (I.D.)
Available Lengths
4' 5' 6'
• = Standard Length

No-Dig Pipe
O-Ring Joint
Increasers and Reducers
Perforated Pipe
Channel Pipe
Repair Ys and Ts
Double Hubs and Stoppers
Sump Pipe and Meter Boxes

"Forty percent of our system is clay...We televised these lines based on the original risk equation, which indicated that due to age, these should be our areas of most significant risk. But they haven't degraded at all over time. Based on the way these pipes look they could easily last 200, 300 or 400 years."

Terry Martin, P.E.
Strategic Advisor to the
Corporate Asset Management Group
Seattle, Washington


Product Catalog 2014

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