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NCPI Toolbox

The NCPI TOOL BOX is comprised of four computer programs, developed by the National Clay Pipe Institute, to aid engineers in pipe system planning and design.

The TOOL BOX contains:

  • A trench load design program incorporating Marston's equations and the latest ASTM requirements.
  • Cost comparisons for different bedding materials when placed in accordance with ASTM standards for VCP or alternate materials.
  • Open channel flow equations to determine hydraulic solutions.
  • Historic inflation and interest rate ratios to determine the life cycle savings, set aside requirements and future replacement costs of alternative products with different useful life expectancies.

To access the NCPI Tool Box, click here.

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NCPI Toolbox
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"Forty percent of our system is clay...We televised these lines based on the original risk equation, which indicated that due to age, these should be our areas of most significant risk. But they haven't degraded at all over time. Based on the way these pipes look they could easily last 200, 300 or 400 years."

Terry Martin, P.E.
Strategic Advisor to the
Corporate Asset Management Group
Seattle, Washington







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