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When you see how we make Logan Clay pipe, you’ll understand why clay outperforms – and out-saves – any other pipe material.

Clay pipe looks simple and easy to make. But when you see what goes into every clay pipe in terms of engineering and materials you'll understand why we take the time and energy to do it right and why it performs so well for so long.

That's why we'd love to host you at our plant in Logan, Ohio. You'll see the quality control standards that simply cannot be compromised in producing something as dependable as Logan Clay pipe. You'll meet the people who work with clay and appreciate its inherent performance advantages. And you'll understand why so many utilities and municipalities insist on pipes from Logan Clay.

Until you can visit us in person, please take a few minutes to experience this virtual plant tour. Click on each step in the tour for a photo and explanation of the processes involved.

Video Clip
From Raw Materials
Through Pipe Extrusion

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Entire Video Clip
Video Clip
From Raw Materials
Through Pipe Extrusion

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Video Clip
Drying and Vitrification

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Video Clip
Joints & Quality Control

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"Plant Tour"
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"Forty percent of our system is clay...We televised these lines based on the original risk equation, which indicated that due to age, these should be our areas of most significant risk. But they haven't degraded at all over time. Based on the way these pipes look they could easily last 200, 300 or 400 years."

Terry Martin, P.E.
Strategic Advisor to the
Corporate Asset Management Group
Seattle, Washington


Video clips as seen on The Science Channel series, "How It's Made"









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