Material Properties:

Unmatched abrasion resistance with a Mohs hardness of 9
Unmatched corrosion resistance
Superior long-term operations & maintenance capabilities as a pipe that can withstand jetting pressures of 5,000+ psi at flow rates of 125 gpm. VCP can be cleaned using any desired jetting angle as well as mechanical tooling.
VCP is unaffected by age

Comparatively, …”The main feature of plastics and polymer composites is that their physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties are strongly time and temperature dependent.”

– Dr. Mehdi Farshad
Plastic Pipe Systems: Failure Investigation and Diagnosis 2006

Natural material longevity and expanded maintenance options combine to deliver the best long-term value in sanitary sewer pipe. Municipalities consistently prioritize long-term value over short-term cost. That is why public buildings and schools are generally built with brick and it is why clay pipe is the right choice to serve the long-term interests of your community.


As a ceramic, Vitrified Clay is an asset to sewer system maintenance professionals.  Systems with VCP lines allow for greater selection of cleaning tools and more aggressive cleaning for tough challenges.  Abrasion-resistance has always been an important material property of Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP), but as modern cleaning methods develop, it becomes even more significant.

Because VCP is a dense, homogeneous material, it safely withstands greater jetting pressures for longer periods of time, allowing cleaning crews to operate more efficiently.


The Logan O-Ring joint has proven to be a reliable, water tight joint for more than 50 years.  When installed in accordance with ASTM C12 specifications, our pipe and O-Ring joints eliminate the infiltration that was prevalent in early clay pipe lines.

The clay pipe sewers installed early in our nation’s history were not supplied with a joint.  The installers joined pipe by applying tar or mortar in the trench.  These joints allowed significant infiltration which was beneficial as it diluted the effluent and cleaned the lines.  These sewers generally discharged into waterways without treatment.

As cities began treating sewage, infiltration became an expense.  Logan Clay responded by introducing factory applied joints.  Each generation of factory applied joints improved upon the last until the O-Ring joint was developed, achieving the leak-free performance that communities require.

The standard submittal package includes dimensions, variance data and allowable deflection for O-Ring, Bell & Spigot pipe designed for open trench installations. 

For submittal information for trenchless installations, please contact our office.

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Logan Clay

Founded in 1890, Logan Clay Products, LLC has a rich history of manufacturing clay products in the United States - going back over 130 years.

NO-DIG® Pipe

Trenchless installation with vitrified clay pipe is the most environmentally responsible method of installation, and vitrified clay is a naturally sustainable product.

Masonry Products

Clay masonry products are made from the ultimate green materials: clay and shale, which are entirely natural and in abundant supply.